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Montjuic is the green heart of Barcelona. It is a mountain on which all kinds of entertainment have arisen over the years. This allows you to easily spend a day there while enjoying the beautiful view of the city. At the top of the mountain is the fortress. This is easiest to reach with cable cars. The old cable car starts from the beach at Barceloneta and you can take the new cable car from Paralell metro station.

Art & Architecture

You will find it a little further up the hill Caixa Forum where interesting changing exhibitions are organized. Usually at least two separate subjects are chosen, which are presented in different rooms. Often an influential artist or architect is central or a certain time period or movement. In addition, the museum is also housed in a beautiful building, a former factory set up in Art Nouveau style.


From the Caixa Forum you walk along it Mies van der Rohe pavilion (be careful, because you can walk right past it!) directly to the palace. This is now the national museum MNAC. Paintings, frescoes and sculptures from antiquity to the present are ‘neatly’ classified by period. The museum is located in a beautiful palace and there are nice photography exhibitions.

Singing fountains

If you walk towards the palace/MNAC, you can take the stairs up past the famous singing fountains. At set times in the evening, you can dance to romantic tunes during the light show. Cheesy, but funny when you’re there anyway and a winner for kids. Just behind the palace is the Olympic stadium used for the 1992 games. These games really put Barcelona on the map as a metropolis. In addition, on Montjuic you can Miro visit the museum and enjoy a walk through the Botanical Gardens. And of course always the fantastic view over the city.

Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol is the most famous remnant of the 1929 world exhibition. You can walk around here in the streets that are all divided into the different regions of Spain. There are many restaurants and tourist shops here and many concerts and festivals are organized. Not really an undiscovered gem.

Outdoor cinema

The most fantastic thing about Poble Espanyol is the outdoor cinemas in the summer months. Check Mecal for updates. They present short films by theme. The choices are just always good. It is very cozy, creative and small-scale, with atmospheric fake architecture around you. You can watch famous movies at the fort. These movie nights are much more popular with the general public. With both, it mainly means enjoying sunset with a view over the city and then movie time.

Botanic Gardens

Even further behind the Botanical Gardens is a special cemetery, Cementerio de Montjuïc, which is still in use from 1883. You will sometimes find dilapidated, but beautiful graves of well-known figures from Catalan (cultural) history.

Idyllic picnic

However, on the other side of the palace, just below the Miro museum, there are parks and the Teatre Grec that were also created for this world fair. There is a theater and a Greek-style garden. Here it is much quieter than on the rest of Montjuïc and you can picnic between the orange trees (no, they certainly do not taste) or laze in a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Greek theatre on the Montjuic mountain. One of the city's souvenirs of the 1929 world expo

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