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In the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia you can have a nice mosaic workshop follow with Arty Barcelona.

Bohemian Gracia

When Barcelona grew considerably as a city from the end of the 19th century with the Eixample district, the until then independent municipality of Gracia suddenly became part of Barcelona. Gracia therefore has a completely different character than the modern expansion district Eixample with its block pattern. It has retained its village character, including siestas. The architecture is colorful with a lot of ornament and the district has relatively many low-rise buildings. Gracia is often described as a bohemian neighborhood because it attracts many artists. You will find many galleries and special shops. Gracia in Barcelona is also the neighborhood where Gaudí built his Casa Vicens and you can ideally combine a visit to Gracia with the adjacent Park Güell.

This image depicts a scene from Park Guell in Barcelona. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, Park Guell is known for its unique and organic shapes that give it a whimsical feel. The picture shows a rounded bridge with pillars shaped like palm trees, which support the walkway above.

Siesta hours

This neighborhood is also the right place for all your organic groceries. The district has many restaurants from various corners of the world. Please note that the restaurants are open in the afternoon for lunch and then often close between 4 and 8.30 pm and then open again for dinner. Besides being a trendy, international neighbourhood, Gracia is also home to the real pro Catalans and all anarchist subcultures. In addition, it is also a real family neighborhood. After school, parents come together on the various squares for a nice glass of wine while the children make the terraces unsafe. In the spring, the surrounding dance schools show what they can do and there is mainly old-fashioned swinging on 30s tunes. Gracia is therefore a wonderful mix of all kinds of people of various ages and feathers.

Op de pleinen in Gracia is altijd wat te doen. Het is een gezellige mix van mensen.

Fiesta de Gracia

Every neighborhood in Barcelona has its own week in which parades are organized, people dress up, drink beer and celebrate a nice (folklore) party. Gracia really takes the cake here for five days in August. The neighborhood is really upside down. Music goes on almost non-stop, streets are transformed into true fairytale forests, aquariums or film sets and it is busy because everyone from the city comes to Gracia once in a while to have a night of partying.

fiestas de Gracia is een jaarlijkse feestweek in augustus. Alle straten zijn versierd en doen mee aan een lokale wedstrijd voor de mooiste straat en er is veel muziek in de straten.

Nightlife Gracia

Tapas bars can be found on the many squares in Gracia. If you want to go local, Pepa Tomate is a good option! The name refers to the Catalan pride, the tomato 🙂 The cuisine is fusion Catalan. Hip and old-fashioned go hand in hand. But you’re also in the right place for Vietnamese, Lebanese or sushi. In Carrer de Verdi all restaurants are easily found. Not only does the district have more choice of international cuisines than other districts, you can also go to the movies ‘internationally’ here at Cine Verdi with art house films, smaller productions and Hollywood blockbusters in the original language. Next to the cinema you will immediately find nice bars for a relaxed ending. By the way, there are pubs everywhere in Gracia. Most are not very exuberant, but more focused on fine dining and drinks or sipping cocktails.

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